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Your Guide to Women’s Multivitamins: The Benefits and How to Choose the Right One

When was the last time you ventured into the multivitamin aisle of your favorite supermarket or drugstore? Chances are you were surprised by the number of options. If you don't know what to look for, it is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to select the one that best fits your needs. 

We created this guide to help you make the best decision possible. We discuss the types of multivitamins and the benefits for women specifically. We also highlight the features you should look for when choosing a women's multivitamin. 


What are multivitamins? 

Multivitamins are supplements that contain a variety of micronutrients to help you meet your daily recommended intake of each. They come in multiple forms, including tablets, pills, gummies, and liquid.

There are also many types of multivitamins. For example, some are designed specifically for men, women, children, or seniors. The formula of each multivitamin varies depending on the group they target. In other words, not all multivitamins contain the same vitamins and minerals. The amount of each micronutrient may also change from one supplement to another. 

But why have different types of multivitamins? That's because although we all require the same micronutrients, the amounts we need vary based on our gender and age group. For example, men need 8 mg of iron daily, while premenopausal women need at least 18 mg/day. That's because they experience more iron loss due to menstruation and pregnancy (1). Therefore, women's multivitamins almost always have more iron than men's to reflect the increased need. 


What are the benefits of taking a women's multivitamin supplement? 

The first and most obvious benefit of taking a women's multivitamin daily is getting ample amounts of vitamins and minerals. Meeting your recommended intake for each nutrient ensures your body can function optimally and supports overall health. 

Although you can get enough nutrients through nutrition, studies show that many of us are deficient in various vitamins. For example, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 74% of Americans do not consume enough vitamin D (2). Moreover, 35%, 67%, and 46% of Americans have insufficient vitamin A, vitamin E, and magnesium intake, respectively (2). That same study found that taking a daily multivitamin supplement could help solve nutrient deficiency. 

Getting enough nutrients through nutrition can be even more challenging under certain conditions. For example, the requirements for many vitamins and minerals increase during pregnancy. Considering that many women also suffer from nausea and/or vomiting during that time, eating enough food to meet the recommended intake of all nutrients can be challenging. A daily multivitamin can really help support the mother's nutrition during that time.

Other conditions that put you at higher risk of nutritional deficiencies include but are not limited to breastfeeding, celiac disease, gastric bypass surgery, and irritable bowel syndrome. If you are a woman with any of those conditions, taking a daily multivitamin could benefit you. 

Preventing iron deficiency is another health benefit of multivitamins that is more specific to women. Indeed, as mentioned above, women have higher iron requirements than men because of blood loss related to menstruation. 

Pregnant women are at even higher risk because the blood volume in the body increases during gestation, thereby increasing iron requirements. In fact, the CDC estimates that around 30% of pregnant women are iron-deficient (3). Considering that anemia increases the risk of maternal death and low birth weight for the baby, taking a multivitamin with iron can benefit all women, especially if pregnant.  


How to choose a high-quality multivitamin supplement

With so many on the market, choosing a good multivitamin supplement can be challenging. The first thing to consider is the form. You want to avoid gummies because they are usually not as complete as other forms, meaning the type and quantity of nutrients they provide are insufficient. 

Liquid vitamins are usually your best bet. They are safer than tablets because they do not represent a choking hazard and are easy to swallow. They also have better bioavailability, meaning the body absorbs them better. Finally, they are also usually more potent as they are more nutritionally dense. Click here to learn more about liquid vitamin supplements.

If you decide on a liquid vitamin, look for liposomal supplements. They deliver vitamins and minerals directly inside your cells, allowing for better absorption. Click here to learn more about liposomal technology.

You want to buy a product from a company that values quality. One way to verify this is to check if the multivitamin is third-party tested. Another clue is that the product abides by the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. 

The form of the vitamin is another indicator of product quality. Choose a multivitamin formulated with as many active forms of nutrients as possible. A few examples include methylfolate instead of folic acid, active D3 (cholecalciferol) instead of D2 (ergocalciferol), and d-alpha vitamin E instead of dl-alpha. 

Do not forget to check the ingredient list when picking a multivitamin. It is best to select a product that is as pure as possible, meaning without multiple fillers and additives. 

Finally, other mentions to look for include "GMO-free," "no artificial colors and flavors," and "allergen-free."


VitaminAlly -Your go-to women's multivitamin supplement 

Our Women's liquid multivitamin is a high quality, natural and easy-to-swallow supplement which contains 12 vitamins and 5 minerals carefully selected to promote beauty, energy, and overall health. These include vitamins A, C, D, E, folic acid, biotin, zinc, chromium, and manganese. Since we created this formula specifically for women, it also contains iron. Because of this, the liquid appears black in hue. 

Our liposomal women's liquid multivitamin contains no artificial flavors and colors. It also has no binders or fillers, is non-GMO, and contains allergen-free ingredients. Simply take 3 pumps once daily to enjoy the benefits. You can take it directly by mouth or add it to any drink, as long as it's not hot. Also, remember to shake well before use!  



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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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